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Top 5 Scores--Prizes Awarded


1) Correct answers in higher value questions

2) Correct answers in Game Prop Section

3) Correct answers in post game answers

4) Correct answers in halftime questions

5) Coin Flip

All debatable answers to be at the sole discretion of Matt Garner. Send all complaints to his personal cell phone please. 

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Opioid Crisis Resources/Understanding the Epidemic

  1. "Saving A Generation" Documentary Understanding The Epidemic
  2. "The Exodus Project" Documentary
  3. for Drug TakeBack Locations
  4. Demonstration of How To Use This Life-Saving Drug
  5. Check Out Episode 5 with State Drug Director, Kirk Lane, and Episode 15 With "Saving A Generation" Producer, Laura Monteverdi, Below For More Information and Resources 




  • Red Beauty Lounge (Little Rock, AR)
  • The Tavern Sports Grill (Little Rock, AR)
  • Joe Baker w/ Pharmacist Mutual (Little Rock, AR)
  • Eddie Ishmael w/ Century 21 Wright-Pace Real Estate (Cherokee Village, AR)
  • Pharmacist Roofing Co. (Conway, AR)
  • Colby Mckennon w/ The Property Group AR (Little Rock, AR)
  • ESQ Realty Group (Little Rock/Hot Springs, AR) 
  • Andy Runyan-Block Insurance (Paragould, AR)

Dec 23, 2018

Dr. Seth Heldenbrand of the UAMS College of Pharmacy joins the Pharm to discuss the eligibility, process, and benefits of becoming a student preceptor. The episode finishes up by talking about Rx Learn, a YouTube channel dedicated to improving the patient counseling experience.

Dec 9, 2018

With the help of their smart friends, Matt and Jett get clinical and discuss the mysterious alpha-gal allergy. They then get back to their retail roots and provide pro's and con's of the new influenza treatment, Xofluza. The episode concludes with an Arkansas Pharmacy Law review by the J.D. JLT.

Oct 22, 2018

Jett and Matt explain the significance of probiotic use and provide a breakdown of the best and worst products on the market. They also explain which patients need pneumonia shots and when they should receive them. The episode ends on an entertaining note as they role play responses to all the excuses patients give them...

Sep 14, 2018

Flu season is upon us. We tell you why to get a flu shot, when to get a flu shot, and break down the many different product options available to keep you out of the doctor's office this winter.

Aug 22, 2018

Arkansas Pharmacist Association CEO, Scott Pace, joins The Pharm to discuss his next move in advocating for fair pharmacy practices, he breaks down the new PBM law, and he explains the benefits of personal professional liability insurance.